• Hallie

    "I finished the bag in one sitting and plan on going back for more. You should really try to get this in Foxtrot- people would go crazy for it."

  • Seema

    "I have already bought 12 bags of this and shared it with my friends- they all loved it and we can't wait to buy more from you in the future!"

  • Mary

    "Perfect ratio of zest and spice, super addicting"

  • Priscilla

    "I can't stop eating this"

  • Jeremy

    "It's a hit. Especially with my wife who just told me she is finishing the bag because she's 'decided it's her new favorite' "

  • Jesson

    The best popcorn I've ever had. I want to swim in this.

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About us

We’re Lisa, Lita, Charlene, and Charlie, the sisters behind Zing Pop! We moved to the States when we were kids, and we grew up in our mom’s Thai restaurants, but filled our pantry with Goldfish and Lays potato chips. We’ll still speak Thai at home sometimes, but obsess over Taylor Swift (ahem, Charlene) and 90s hip hop (ahem, Lita) with our friends.

Between us, we run the whole gamut: introverted and extroverted, great cooks and terrible cooks, dressed in full neutrals and having the entire rainbow in our closets. One of us competed in the Iron(wo)man World Championships, while another of us is petitioning to rename yoga pants to couch pants.

Really, we’re like any family: Same roots, different flavors.